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We created the Noon Chest to introduce children to Islamic culture and wisdom, by re-telling beloved Quranic stories about the Prophets and Animals.  Our mission with the Noon Chest is for children to learn something new every day, while inspiring them to be part of society through giving, tolerance, and love. We also aim to enrich every child’s relationship with their religion through reading stories, encouraging fasting, performing the five prayers, and giving charity, in addition to strengthening relationships between family members. This is a core tenant of Noon, so we encourage every parent to participate in the activities with their child and cheer them on in completing their daily tasks. We want your children to enjoy everything they learn, so we placed a story for each day with a set of games and more inside.  Contents of the Box:

  • Daily tasks tray
  • 30 stories from the Qur’an (one per day)
  • Prayer booklet
  • Question cards
  • Variety of games
  • To do list
  • The Prophets’ Tree
  • Paper money bank


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