We elevate the role of design as a universal language.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts tackle all facets of your brand's identity; We help you tell the world how great you are and the best part is we do it all under one roof!

We create sustainable branding that tells your story.

Quby provides comprehensive design solutions tailored to suit your needs. We study the market, analyzing the particular strengths and further potentials for your brand. We know you're good we try make you better!

Our Design Creed

Visual Communication; it is what distinguishes humankind; Spoken words tumble into the abyss, but an image or script once set down, lasts forever.

From the dawn of time, our ancestors scratchings on cave walls tell us who they were and how they lived. Thus is the power and magic of the image; Transcending space and time it says: “I was here”. Design is a necessity, it is an existential form of expression.

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Bahrain has its special unique history within visual culture. From as long as five millennia ago, the Delmon seals preserved to this day reveal the rich history of diversity and multi-cultural communication that lend this island its special character.

Bahrain, for thousands of years, was and still is, a place of cultural convergence. From colorful ports to Pearl trading, its warm surrounding sea has made it a place of openness and diversity.

Growing out of this richly diverse tradition lends Quby a seamless adaptability to characterize a brand, regardless of where it hails from. We have adopted forour own brand, the ancient Sumerian script; the first form of legible visual communication. It aptly represents the advent of significant design; an undertaking we wish to continue.


In a world bombarded by sounds and images, we make sure your voice is seen and heard.

Quby takes design at its roots: Sound design is the ability to instantly communicate a message without the need for words; An instant intimation of recognition and value. Design runs deep in the earliest veins of human history and never more so than today: In a world bombarded by sounds and images, we make sure your voice is seen and heard: Quby, Arbiters of Design.

We won't stop until
you love it!

Whether its brand development, product procurement, or interactive social media strategies you're looking for, we can help with it all! All our design solutions are tailored to your particular needs so stop over for a think and a coffee, or if you are far away drop us a line and we're sure to get back!