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Would you judge a product by its branding?

How many times did you pick up a product off the shelve just because you were drawn in by its appearance rather than its content? It could be anything about it that made you look twice, whether it was the color, the shape, or even simply that it stood out amongst the rows of nondescript foodstuff.

Confession to be made, I went to my local supermarket in the hope of an exciting snack during office hours. I scanned through the aisles until a product with fascinating branding caught my eye and I immediately grabbed the bright green box with the funky lips and grains illustration on it which made it look tempting and wholesome; it happened to be Rude Health’s Oats Biscuits (wasn’t a big fan of the flavor, but that’s not the point here)!


We often never realize that branding is the first contact we have with a product or service.

The curiosity in me got me digging deeper into the significance of attractive branding, which translates and reflects the product or services’ identity.

An interesting case study I came across was the rebranding of AirBnb. Four years ago, this online hospitality service launched their new logo,which went viral across various platforms where almost 450 publications covered the news!

In order to get the right logo, AirBnb, studied their main mission which is belonging.

Belongingis defined by people, places, and love. What I found clever was that they named their logo Belo which turned into a catchphrase amongst the global community of hosts, trendsetters, and travelers. You can see more about Belo in the video below:


Another case which I always fall victim for is: limited edition products.I always find myself grabbing the product that sells me an exclusive experience, whether it’s Evian Water’s Christian Lacroix edition, Moleskine’s Harry Potter edition or everyone’s favorite; Starbucks Christmas paper-cups.

Doesn’t it just excite you when your favorite brand or product launches a new collection with a unique design for a limited period of time? And the thought that you can get a hold of something special that only a few people could have, gives it an extra flair and makes you feel a little extra special!

So, is it the quality of the product or the appeal of the packaging that draws you in?

Aisha Fuad


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